Welcome to Southern Illinois Pointers

Southern Illinois Pointers is dedicated to producing quality Fox Red Pointing Labs. Our dogs are bred for performance. Whether it be for Upland or Waterfowl hunting, they get it done! Aside from their unique color and phenomenal hunting abilities, they also make great family companions, unparalleled by other breeds.

Our females are bred to be good natured and well rounded dogs. They are based around the legendary “Helm’s Point Doctor PT.” With many other Grand Master Pointing Retrievers added to the mix. Click on the “Females” link on the left to view our females, along with their pedigrees.

In our males, we look for a ton of drive in both the water and the field. After a lot of dedicated research, we have found just that. Check out our Males by clicking on the link to the left.

We will continue reconstructing and modifying our lines in effort to better the Fox Red Labrador Retriever breed. Raising great gun dogs are what we are all about. And if you are looking for the ultimate sporting tool and a super companion, give us a call!


April 09 2018, 10:04 am
Puppies on the way! Accepting deposits now!

September 16 2016, 07:09 pm
Along with our recent upcoming litter news of Dale/sage, we have added 2 new females to the site! Sage and Kali